David Ubilava

Welcome to my personal website. I maintain it (more or less) current with my research updates and (some) teaching resources. Also, here is the link to my University profile page.

I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Economics at the University of Sydney. I hold a Ph.D. degree in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University. I worked as a post-doctoral research associate at Mississippi State University before arriving in Sydney.

My research interests are at the crossroads of time series econometrics and economics of climate anomalies. Majority of my recent publications and working papers, in some way or another, incorporate the climate phenomenon known as El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) or the Smooth Transition Autoregressive (STAR) modeling framrwork (or both). I use nonlinear time series methods to assess causal linkages between climate and economics. I have investigated the effect of climate anomalies - ENSO in particular - on agricultural production, commodity prices, and overall economic performance.

I welcome questions regarding the information provided on this website, and look forward to research collaboration or consulting job opportunities, involving the topics of my expertise.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this website - in any form or shape - are my own, and should not be attributed to organizations I have been affiliated with, nor to my colleagues and collaborators. The information on this website is provided in good faith, and while I promise not to deliberately mislead, I make no warranties about validity, reliability, accuracy, and completeness of this information. Any action you may take in connection with the use of this website is strictly at your own risk, and I will not be liable for any errors, losses, or damages.