David Ubilava

Research in Progress:

  • "The Role of El Nino Southern Oscillation in Commodity Price Movement and Predictability" [Current Abstract] [status: revision requested]
  • "The El Nino Southern Oscillation and Economic Growth in the Developing World" (with Sarah C. Smith) [Current Abstract] [status: revision requested]

Journal Publications:

  1. Ubilava, D., (accepted). The ENSO Effect and Asymmetries in Wheat Price Dynamics. World Development. [Published Version] [Author's Version]
  2. Ubilava, D., (accepted). On the Relationship between Financial Instability and Economic Performance: Stressing the Business of Nonlinear Modelling. Macroeconomic Dynamics. [Published Version] [Author's Version]
  3. Tack, J.B. and D. Ubilava, (2015). Climate and Agricultural Risk: Measuring the Effect of ENSO on U.S. Crop Insurance. Agricultural Economics, 46(2), pp. 245-257. [Published Version] [Author's Version]
  4. Ubilava, D., (2014). El Niño Southern Oscillation and the Fishmeal - Soya Bean Meal Price Ratio: Regime-Dependent Dynamics Revisited. European Review of Agricultural Economics, 41(4), pp. 583-604. [Published Version] [Author's Version]
  5. Tack, J.B. and D. Ubilava, (2013). The Effect of El Niño Southern Oscillation on U.S. Corn Production and Downside Risk. Climatic Change, 121(4), pp. 689-700. [Published Version] [Author's Version]
  6. Ubilava, D. and M.T. Holt, (2013). El Niño Southern Oscillation and its Effects on World Vegetable Oil Prices: Assessing Asymmetries using Smooth Transition Models. Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 57(2), pp. 273-297. [Published Version] [Author's Version]
  7. Ubilava, D. and C.G. Helmers, (2013). Forecasting ENSO with a Smooth Transition Autoregressive Model. Environmental Modelling & Software, 40, pp. 181-190. [Published Version] [Author's Version]
  8. Ubilava, D., (2012). Modeling Nonlinearities in the U.S. Soybean-to-Corn Price Ratio: A Smooth Transition Autoregression Approach. Agribusiness: an International Journal, 28(1), pp. 29-41. [Published Version] [Author's Version available upon request]
  9. Ubilava, D., (2012). El Niño, La Niña, and World Coffee Price Dynamics. Agricultural Economics, 43(1), pp. 17-26. [Published Version] [Author's Version]
  10. Ubilava, D., Barnett, B.J., Coble, K.H. and A. Harri, (2011). The SURE Program and its Interaction with other Federal Farm Programs. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 36(3), pp. 630-648. [Published Version] [Author's Version available upon request]
  11. Ubilava, D., Foster, K. A., Lusk, J. L. and T. Nilsson, (2011). Differences in Consumer Preferences When Facing Branded vs. Non-Branded Choices. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 10(2), pp. 61-70. [Published Version] [Author's Version]
  12. Ubilava, D., Foster, K. A., Lusk, J. L. and T. Nilsson, (2010). Effects of Income and Social Awareness on Consumer WTP for Social Product Attributes. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 77(4), pp. 587-593. [Published Version] [Author's Version available upon request]
  13. Ubilava, D. and K. A. Foster, (2009). Quality Certification vs. Product Traceability: Consumer Preferences for Informational Attributes of Pork in Georgia. Food Policy, 34(3), pp. 305-310. [Published Version] [Author's Version]

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